Mobile Data Services

Predictive Dailer

Predictive dialer dramatically increases productivity and improves campaign bottom-line by automatically dialing, skipping busy, no-answer and disconnected lines, optionally leaving a voice message on answering machines and--most importantly--never involving you or your agent on a call until a live person answers.

Without predictive dialers, agents spend about 80 percent of their time listening to the phone ring, waiting for a live pick up, dealing with invalid numbers or answering machines. Only about 20 percent of their time is spent actually generating sales and revenue. By using a predictive dialer to filter out unproductive calls, agents can better focus on phone conversations with customers.

Having a predictive dialer offers unlimited flexibility for call centers to function in a global market. The breadth of functionality and scalability makes this auto dialer system easy to standardize based on call campaigns. Advantages abound with the ability to set callback requests and the routing of outbound calls. The wrap-up functions with this telephone dialer give businesses an advantage over the competition.

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