Mobile Data Services

Mobile Data Services: Strength
Technical Knowledge

Our strength has been in delivering superior quality IT solutions based on our broad technical knowledge, supported by comprehensive analytical & testing capabilities.

Majority of our Employee Base come from a techno commercial background with professional certifications like CCNA, MCSE and academic qualifications like MBA.

We believe in continuous learning process and thus have set schedules for re-training programs for our Team on the technology updates. We have a dedicated Training Managers who takes care of all such trainings in-house.

Operations Experience

The 5 years working experience on Mobile Data Services has been very useful exercise for us, which has helped us learning and drawing the various systems and process flows.

Our Team

We believe that the strength of our business depends to a large degree on the strength of our people. Our company's strength is the successful combination of the professional disciplines and the unique talents in every team member.

Financial strength

We enjoy support and backing from respected names in venture capital, as well as several notable individual investors that enable us to handle big projects.

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